Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cute Hand Tattoos

This collection of hand tattoos is chalked full of fun, silly and cute artwork ideas for both boys and girls of any age. I imagine you'll take an immediate liking to the little hand goblin, and you would be right for doing so, he's a lot of fun!

Hand face tattoo idea.

Four leaf clover tattoo on bottom of thumb idea.

Cute colorful butterfly design picture.

Matching swallow birds.

Cute angry panda bear growl.

Black light small cosmic stars.

Hand Tattoos For Girls

As we mentioned before, hand tattoos are often regrettable because they are not easy to disclose when needed, however it does seem like girls hand tattoos in general are much less subtle and perhaps more appealing to people whose fear the wraith of an inked man or woman.

Rose hand tattoo with ladybug.

Lovely flower on wrist area.

Purple and white flower idea.

Several stars artwork idea.

Picture of three small stars.

Small dotted lizard ink.

Hand Tattoos

Much like facial tattoos, getting a tattoo on your hand is also a rather daring choice of location which is somewhat difficult to hide for those formal occasions. Perhaps not quite as difficult as covering your face, but still its a pretty risky and often regrettable tattoo area.

Checkout these pictures of some real top quality hand artwork ideas below.

Owl hand design photo.

Engine with wings image idea.

Red skull comic book villain artwork.

Spider-Man with web fingers ink.

Single star on top of thumb area.

Matching lotus flowers.

Henna artwork picture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal sleeve tattoos are almost always seen in the form of the classic arcs and curves, which come in all shapes, sizes, widths and lengths, sometimes all of which are connected at some point.

These tattoo pictures below are a great collection of high quality tribal sleeve ideas for either girls or guys, however tribal sleeve tattoos in general are much more commonly seen on men.

Arcs and curves reaching up to the neck.

Black with hints of red.

Thick artwork idea.

Before and after completion.

Beautiful blue and purple combination.

Very fine and maze looking idea.

Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

Clearly there is not limit in the range of designs a girl can choose from when selecting a sleeve tattoo, however we've determined that the most common sleeve tattoos for women often include flowers, sometimes as the centerpiece or perhaps to complement a larger design.

Green vegetation sleeve tattoo idea for women.

Large flower and peacock idea.

Colorful artwork with four leaf clovers.

Nautical star with large rose.

Youthful toy inspired art.

Bright cosmic design picture.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

The quarter sleeve tattoo is a partial design which starts at the top of the shoulder and usually extends to just above the bicep area. And despite these shorter sleeve designs being rather small in size, they really pack a punch, as you can includes several smaller tattoo designs within this compact quarter sleeve.

Skull and flowers quarter idea.

Aztec inspired quarter tattoo.

Voodoo skull and vegetation art.

Japanese dragon and crystal ball idea.

Koi fish and water artwork.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Tattoos and Tattoo Designs for Men

Drag your sight here, You can find Free TRIBAL, WAVE, COLORFUL, SKY Tattoos for Free.
Tribal tattoos are very famous for their abstractedness.
These tribal tattoos are tattooed on the Lower back side of the neck.

.In the above set of tattoos, we can find 
Butterfly tattoos, Female tattoos, Moon tattoos, Designed Dragon tattoos...and many MORE

Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn tattoos are represented by a very unique looking symbol that is named the "Seagoat". People born between December 22 and January 19 are surely to find this tattoo design quite appealing.

This would be a considerably good choice for a first tattoo, and to help you decide, we have listed some nice pictures of Capricorn tattoo designs to choose from.

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