Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trendy Tattoo Choices

As with anything else in this world, tattoos go through periods of popularity and vogue. Twenty years ago, it was the armband around the bicep that was the definite order of the day; today the fashion seems to have steered more in the direction of bold tribal work and even Japanese designs.

Trendy Star TattooTrendy Star Tattoo

There is no denying the fact that tribal work makes for some of the most impressive-looking body art. There is just something about the way in which the black and intricate thick lines are able to mould in well with the contours of the body. It is absolutely no wonder why a genre of tattooing, that is actually thousands of years old, is still able to draw glances of true admiration in this, the twenty-first century.

Trendy Love TattooTrendy Love Tattoo

Ideally, tribal tattoo designs appeal to either sex. Whether it's a woman looking for her first piece to be worn in the lower back area, or a man looking to adorn his entire body with tribal designs: there really are no limits with this type of work.

Trendy Star Tattoo for MenTrendy Star Tattoo for Men

The same is true of the style that is Japanese tattooing. If you've ever seen a guy with an amazing sleeve crammed full of Japanese work, you will realize why this genre in so popular today. It's also interesting to note that tattoos were banned in Japan for many years and this meant that this awesome style was shamefully kept underground for far too long.

Trendy Tribal TattooTrendy Tribal Tattoo

If you decide to pursue trendy tattoo choices, this is all very well, but just take a moment to think about how the particular style appeals to you. What does it denote about you as a person and will the design continue to please you in the future? Obviously, you may not be able to answer the latter question right now, but you can try to gain some foresight into how you will feel about this piece when you are much older.

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