Monday, June 20, 2011



Lehanga is one of the most popular dresses in eastern outfits. This dress is specially made for bridals which enhances the beauty and glamour of bride. They are also worn for special occasions like parties and functions. This dress is only specific for functions. Bridals use to wear this dress on their weddings which is the most memorable day in their lives. It imparts them very unique and glamour look.

Bridals Lehanga are made on special orders. These Lehanga are fully covered with embroidery and stones. Different color combinations are used to make it more beautiful. Now a days light purple and blue color are very famous and in trend.

Lehanga consists of a long skirt and a choli which is a tight fitting blouse with short sleeves and can be embroidered with zari, exclusive kundan stones etc. Though Lehanga choli has its own charm, different people have different body structure and its better to choose the right type of Lehanga to best suit the individual. Girls use to wear it on the functions of their relatives.

These lahangas are less expensive and lighter then bridals. Although this outfit is tradition of India but it has become a vital part of Pakistani ceremonies.

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