Friday, September 16, 2011

Car Tattoos

Car tattoos symbolize adventure, excitement and a passion for the roadway, and for the serious car enthusiasts it can represent a way living.

The most common tattoo designs feature classic, vintage and fully loaded souped-up automobiles fit for a convention, these masterpieces are sometimes accompanied by flames, dice, skulls, eight balls and various other related objects or perhaps any design that is appealing to the recipient.

If your not fully geared up with car tattoo ideas just yet, have a spin though this nice little picture gallery of excellent artwork.

Black mustang with flames and racing stripe.

Classic with skull and crossbones door logo.

Design under bicep.

Vintage cadillac idea.

Old school art on left side of woman.

Eyeball with wings and peel out idea.

Convertible on upper arm.

Cobra snake with auto on upper shoulder area.

Great sleeve artwork.

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