Friday, June 17, 2011

Bridal Lehanga

Bridal Lehanga

Marriage is the most memorable day of every person. Girls use to embellish themselves withbeautiful costumes, ornaments, jewelery, and Mehndi etc.On the day of wedding they want tolook best because all eyes are set on her. Brides make up, hair style and outfit are perfectlymatched and it should be according to her personalityFor bride her wedding dress is of her most priority.Lahanga is one of the most common traditional outfits for bride.

Common color of Bridal Lehanga is Red or we can say that it is the traditional color of wedding. This color increases beauty of Bride and it make her very unique from other. On that specificday she becomes core of attention of every ones eye. But with the advancement of time Brides are now using different colors rather then traditional color. Blushing pinks, cool pastel shades, earth colors, marine colors, rust color, metallic shades with golden or silver tints are now becoming a part of bridal outfit.

Embroidery patterns offer to add a modern touch to bridal wear. Dual colored lahangas in bright combinations such as red and skin, green and gold, turquoise and pink and many more have a lot of popularity as exclusive pieces are the most wanted outfits. Heavy jewelry is used with the matching of Lehanga.Proper Make up is very necessary for complete Bridal look. So beauticians use to do make up according to the color combination of Lehanga.

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