Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flower Tattoos

Not surprisingly, flower tattoos are one of the single most sought after designs in the entire spectrum of body artwork, and with so many beautiful and colorful flower species to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult deciding on a single flower, and that's why many people are choosing bouquet designs instead.

Scan through this lovely collection of sensational tattoo ideas for both men and women. And if you stumble upon a picture you like, simply print it out and take it to the parlor and they should be able to recreate it without trouble.

Stunning array of daisies on back left shoulder.

Large back piece on woman with butterfly mix.

Cute small sunflower tattoo on back.

Gorgeous rose on inner left shoulder.

Fabulous high quality lotus art on hip.

Two lovely lilies on back of girls neck.

Small daisies with bee on ankle.

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