Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heart Tattoos

Wings, flames and cross on upper back and neck area.

Heart tattoos are beloved and admired by both men and women alike, for there exquisite beauty, romantic appearance and vitally sacred history, all mixed together with the overall representation of love and life, makes the heart one of the most desirable tattoos in the book.

Heart tattoos look exceptionally lovely by themselves, however it quite common to see these designs combined with elements such as wings, daggers, birds and of course the traditional catholic artwork which consists of flames and a crown of thorns.

Dripping design on right side of mans chest with piercings.

United States flag with colorful wings on lower back.

Small artsy ink.

Dagger, dice and flames art.

Swallow birds with beautiful centerpiece design.

Stunning angel inspired art on girls back right shoulder.

Lovely dedication to mom with flowers on belly and hip area.

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