Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shamrock And Clover Tattoos

The shamrock is a wildly popular and trademarked symbol of Ireland, along with the Celtic harp, these designs are the counties two primary symbols.

However not only the Irish enjoy this pleasant work of nature, in fact various cultures all around the world embrace the beauty and good fortune that is associates with the shamrock, also refereed to as the clover.

Shamrock/clover tattoos a extremely popular among both men and women of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Just have a look through this nice picture gallery of great tattoo ideas.

Beautiful small knot and heart inspired design.

Grove of lovely little clovers on lower back.

Representing both America and Ireland with matching artwork on chest.

Large ink on back of each calf.

Highly detailed idea with saying.

Body art on left side of mans chest.

Cute and highly visible tat behind left ear.

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