Sunday, November 27, 2011

summer goodness

turquoiseacid:The hottest sisters alivecinnamon-kissi love this place. been there once and longing to go backcoconutandvanilla:favee photo of herb-o-h-o-w-a-v-e-s:tranquil-ity:so tanned and skinny!i miss summer when i see thissavarnas:love thiscoconutandvanilla:looking hot rachel!soul-ache:fuck she’s amazingrawcolorado:iconsummerbeachlaughdanceswimsmile:gabby brooks again!apnoea:This is such a summer feel picture, isn´t it?dietcokeandasmoke:chiccit-rus:where is this!?turquoiseacid:CRAVINGTumblr_lnet9hzng31qlwireo1_500_largeTumblr_lqudupmqml1qir91zo1_500_largeTumblr_lmyp7s4wfi1qlyq2ao1_500_largeYoga-retreat_cnt_26aug10_pr_b_largeYoga-meditation-retreat_largewalkingonloosefloorboards:I want me some runners legs. I love how you can see their muscles bc there isn’t a ton of fat!justbreathe11:For abs! :)healthyalternative:DAY 62 Snackshappyandinshape:tryingtolovemyself:Her abs..omg so inspiring!Oh look, someone took a picture of me in the future! ^_^undressedskeleton:Don’t forget to stretch when you wake up this morning!! Release the tension in your body! This helps your muscles relax and feel stronger during workouts and throughout the day!!!healthyfitandfree:fuckyeahyoga:Nina Dobrev in Seventeen Fitness! VAMPIRE DIARIES GUILTY PLEASURE.Wow no wonder she became so slim and kept it!!earning-my-abs:Dig deep.sofuckinghealthy:I NEED THOSE RUNNERS!!! holy mother of god get in my closetI want to do this. with P.Eeating 800 calories a day is not taking care of your body. Take care and enjoy life :)iruntolive:damnshesfit:Can you hear it?  Just the sound of your feet, your breathing … maybe far off in the distance you can here the sound of a car or a train. But it’s early in the morning and you have the whole world to yourself.Welcome to running.I’d kill to run in this surroundings. So peaceful…iwbthin:Balance.Be fit, #6.Measurements:Height: 5’7Weight: 120-124Hips: 32.5 inchesWaist: 24 inchesBust: 32Bfitfullfabulous:fightlafat:DO IT. For a legendary ass.always & forever reblog.littlerunningmonster:This has to be the most badass picture I’ve ever reblogged.catch-a-wave:Alana Blanchard - Pro Surferhot!earth-is-a-playground:Surfer Girlslimsophomore:I love that the definition in my thighs is starting to show now that I’m taking the food part of losing weight more seriously.rippedandfit:Don’t even need to see her face. itslaurenbabyy:tonedgoals:nomoredoubledigits:I really want to take up boxing.^ that and my ass that bigShe is Wow*-* Too beautifulcorallius:Beautiful Bird (by rjswilson)Tumblr_lulr0m4t4o1qjdx5qo1_500_largeTumblr_lo7botzma41qce00vo1_500_largeTumblr_ljjeee1esa1qimgwjo1_500_largea-v-o-k-a-d-o:(via imgTumble)Tumblr_lv9jv4mymw1qeshueo1_400_largeTumblr_lrwqrfotyo1qgxa8go1_400_largemybonesbleedforyou:I want to go workout like this! neverstopriding:Tumblr_lgf3tx50uq1qedafco1_500_largeTumblr_lkzrte2z881qanmz3o1_500_largesarah-bean:LOVEbeccasfitlife:Gisele Bundchen <3exposureandenigma:Love!tobesmallerinhisarms:Tone It Up girls ♥always reblog these lovely girlsthinnify:Mental strength is ultimately more important as it leads to physical ♥!doitthehealthyway:I don’t know how they come up with these statistics so I’m wary about the reliability, but yoghurt is great for you anyhow! 


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