Sunday, November 27, 2011

thejuicy:Ashley Tisdale looking seriously fit as she leaves the gym in L.A. yesterday.striving-for-skinny:(via imgTumble)bitchesgetskinny:oh hi im perfectmisguidedxghostx:- Grilled veggiesdaretobeclassy:“You simply cannot be healthy or look great on the outside if you’re not healthy on the inside.” -Miranda KerrObviously the girl’s doing something right.justwanttobehealthyandfit:Salad with Apple Chutneytonedcurves:Tofu scramble with red peppers, zucchini, onions and mushroomsmodelswhowerkout:Victoria’s Secret: VSX Sexy Sport Featuring Erin Heathertonlavidajacuzzi:this one deserves a special place on my wall. veggie-wrapped ravioli.cassieandco:(via imgTumble)justwanttobehealthyandfit:Shrimp Spring Roll  fucking yumberryhealthy:start at a tabletop position and keep your abs tight. bend your elbows and go down and extend one of your legs forward and then bring it down and alternate to the other leg. as you dip inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. it works the triceps and the back of the arms.strugglingwithweight: Raw dinner Oh yum. I was contemplating going raw. or vegan. or even vegetarian for a little, but I don’t think I have the determination yet.Although one day I will.lets-get-thin-now:It’s toned-thirtyjustwanttobehealthyandfit:Yogurt with Banana and Granolalets-get-thin-now:i have like three a day ahahathefoodbl0g:ex-foliate:lost-freedom:Craving these badboys, like you would not believeeeeeee!I LOVE THESEviet fresh spring rolls <3damnshesfit:POWER PRESS | WORKS CHEST, ABS, HIPS & LEGS.go into a v sit position and then go into a crest. as you pressup you’re extending your legs straight. breathe out as you extend your legs out. it’s a great move to tone your lower belly, upper abs, and you’re also working out your shoulders.modification; keep one heel on the ground and alternate.(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)getfitandloveit:My most FAQ is basically: “Omg, I need to lose weight but I need motivation! What keeps you motivated?”Simple - THIS. You have to know what you want, and be willing to take every step to get it. That alone, should push you enough.<3(via imgTumble)lavidajacuzzi:this one deserves a special place on my wall. veggie-wrapped ravioli.(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)justwanttobehealthyandfit:Raw Corn and Black Bean Salad-13 by The Healthy Foodie keepcalmandgettoned:love.(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)(via imgTumble)mandarintree:That looks absolutely amazing!x(via imgTumble)justbreathe831:He’s looking at her like damnnnn!damnshesfit:or walk quickly after it ;)hungrygirl101:This agaiiiin!Tumblr_lpfnsrcdet1qlj59jo1_500_largeTumblr_luzmi9cthk1qcitxeo1_500_large523160381_lthjdlzp_c_large

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