Monday, December 5, 2011


Take One Breath - The Spill Canvascredits: knew my school textbook had a tumblr worthy quote? haha :)picture: flyingonthesebrokenwingsHello Cold World-Paramore (2)credits: pleasesummer ; longdays-fleetingnightsYou Are More- Tenth Avenue North credits: bodacious-legsIt’s Only Life - Kate Voegele credits: -soliloquies-;  hopeagainsthope The Way You Look Tonight- Fred Astairecredits: myrunawayworldThe Creationist – Kerlicredits:; neverimpressedbymeCommon Pleasure- Jason Mrazcredits: This Side Of Blue ; he-ismydivineinterventionWeightless- All Time Lowcredits: merrilyme; earthtogabrienThe Voice Within-Christina Aguileracredits: vintagestylexo; kognitive-impairment

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