Sunday, December 4, 2011


s-e-re-n-e:beautiful ho-n3y:this is soo good.lucidgypsy:paradiiiiseCredits to hollysuecoffey again :)Ellie JeanSkinny love ♡This is why I love summer..i so want this skirt!!natuura:please please take me therehhhhhhhhhhhelen:me in a nutshell, becoming a nudist when i retire legitIsabellucaswildthings_largeTumblr_lfxs2yfx7e1qgr7uzo1_1280_larges-u-m-m-e-r-w-a-v-e-s:lolmermaid-in-the-makingg:hiTumblr_lfvihbashs1qgr7uzo1_500_largeIsabel-lucas-script_largeTumblr_l8za36huc21qciwh0o1_500_largeTumblr_ldg6shafca1qb9e08o1_500_largefemme-belle:Ralph Lauren’s Details SS’12whitebone:she’s perfectfashion-ocd:Elie Saab Spring 2012Tumblr_llh3bbvhqi1qb46d4o1_1280_largeA2852851231512562_8_large_largeTumblr_levoafakh81qb8pwyo1_500_largeTumblr_lnnnrjbje01qbw1aoo1_500_largeTumblr_lgrbyh4vvm1qb8p5xo1_500_largeTumblr_ljgq2yenxq1qavym5o1_500_largesea-spine:thesepaperdreams:this will be in my house, i promise youi want to love that chair downdietcokeandasmoke:i will have a sunroom in my house one day xc-a-m-b-u-r:b-a-mboo:OH MY GOSH this picture this picture her bike her bike. xxif you have a pink bike, you are beyond cool haha xf-erocious:(via imgTumble)ph-osphenes:Untitled on We Heart It. them shorts!tootybooty:i know ive reblogged this picture so many times but i love the colours!that is fucking beauts!wanna-be-mermaids:reblogging spree!strut-t:love how her middle fingers painted black

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