Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Tumblr_lt5t9oppox1qmx9i1o1_500_largeTumblr_lgpozozjwf1qc29y3o1_500_largeTumblr_lcda6bdqfj1qefnnfo1_500_largeTumblr_lgxcy5tvdw1qc8n1wo1_500_largeTumblr_lbl82osaeh1qbd8v2o1_500_largeTumblr_l4fy5p22q61qbp4aeo1_500_largeyoungserenity:anjagingysnap:that shirt is amazingIf nothing is true, what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you…Tumblr_lixxijyfyp1qeadtso1_500_largeTumblr_ku93zhemga1qatgoto1_500_large_largeGet outta my way. We’re having fun!And who doesn’t, dear Audrey?“Toda mulher que seduzir um homem para que ele se case  com ela, utilizando-se de sapatos de salto alto ou outros artifícios(…)será castigada com as penas de bruxaria”                       Lei promulgada no séc. XV, pelo parlamento inglês.It’s allright if you’re a little bit out of it, I don’t care. I just wanna be your friend.We don’t need to see it. All we have to do is feel!“I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch, then when I’m thirsty I drink their blood. I eat boys up, you better run!”                                                                                              - Ke$haAnd no, we don’t wanna see your mangina!Monday? I want the weekend!We just need space.Tired… and gorgeous.Tumblr_l9kwqpkpjb1qcjkr0o1_500_largeTumblr_lezjtuea4w1qbpfn1o1_500_largeTumblr_lanzt79wts1qcxhx2o1_500_largeTumblr_ld8r2macgu1qdlgkuo1_500_large(via m-fox)(via m-fox)(via m-fox)

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