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Asian Tattoo History

Asian Tattoo History
people has always tried to develop their looks. Therefore, jewelery, clothes and other garnishing have been present since time embodied. One of the oldest ways of decorate oneself known to human kind was the tattoo. Here is a brief history of the tattoo.

Tattoos have been used for all kind of purpose ever since the dawn of time. Over the years, they have served as symbols of rights, symbols of rank and position or being juniors, symbols of mysticism, fidelity, religion, rewards and awards for daring, amulet, talismans and security. Tattoos were also used as a symbol of punishment, being outcast, slavery and passion. Tattoos have been one of the most commonly used body arts.

Asian Tattoo History1
The word tattoo is consequent from the Polynesian word, ‘tatao’, which literally means to tap or to mark someone. The word was coined by Captain James Cook in 1769. The original way of creating tattoos was unquestionably much more brutal than it is today. A sharp pointed comb would be dipped into lampblack and then moved around on the body. The fad then spread from the Polynesian and Tahitians to the Europeans.
Proof of tattoos being used as long as five thousand years ago has now been uncovered. Modern archeology has found proof of tattoos being used in the Egypt, Roman, Greek and Japanese regions.
Greeks generally used the tattoos to specify slavery. The Mayas, Incans and the Aztecs are known to use tattoos. Tattoos were occasionally also used as a mark or symbol of belong to a tribal group or tribe.

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