Monday, May 30, 2011

Latest Indian Designer Lehenga

Latest Indian Designer Lehenga
The Lehenga has evolved from the Mughal houses to the ramp. The Indian Lehenga Choli has come a long way from the majestic royal wear to the first choice for the Indian women. The journey of the Lehenga Choli has been an exciting one.

There has been a very minor modification in the present day Lehenga Choli . The designs are still dominated by the Mughal era.The dress consists of a customary long skirt called theLehenga, Choli or the blouse accompanied by a long heavily embroidered dupatta. The fabrics used are mostly silk and brocade. The material of the dupatta is presently being made of silk, linen and sometimes chiffon.

Lehenga, mostly ankle length, pleated and are made in way that it fits just at the waist. The pleats make the Lehenga graceful and elegant. Conventionally Lehengas are umbrella shaped however a lot of different forms of shapes have set in giving a more contemporary look to the age old dress.

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