Monday, May 30, 2011

Tight Wide Leg Jeans

Tight Wide Leg Jeans became the symbol of rebellion and passionate youth worn by the sex symbols of the day. James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Elvis wore their jeans straight and slim. Although women in the 50?s didn’t often wear jeans history; Audrey Hepburn, Sandra Dee, and Marilyn Monroe wore the 50?s fashion of slim, close fitting pants that had the same sexy silhouette as today’s skinnies. By the 60?s women’s jeans history were more common (even though the zipper was in the back) and they continued to have that skinny silhouette.

The look could be super sweet like the girl next door, or sexy and rebellious like those greaser chics in the musical and movie of the same name. Rock and Roll was coming of age and tight jeans history were the uniform.The essence of Rock and Roll stays strong in wide leg jeans history despite the fluff and flash of the Disco era. When we think of 70?s fashion, we think of elephant bells and groovy flare jeans history; but dig a little deeper and you’ll find the beginnings of the punk movement and the skinniest jeans in history. Tight from the waist to the ankle, safety pins were often used to keep them snug around the body and increase that bondage appeal. Think of The Sex Pistols and The Ramones as prime examples.

Vivian Westwood had her own shop selling this “anti-fashion” to the ultra hip crowd.Flash Dance collides with Spandex to bringing a whole new look to the denim scene. Tight jeans history were definitely in for women and men. Tight and stone washed, (still no stretch in denim) 80?s fashion is where tapered leg jeans history really made their mark, and the style lasted well into the early 90?s. Remember those oversized sweatshirts and the colorful leg warmers? Pat Benetar, Chrissie Hynde and The Rolling Stones, all the serious rockers wore their denim tight (without the leg warmers of course).

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