Monday, May 30, 2011

Star Tattoos Designs for Girls

Star Tattoos Designs for Girls

Body art in the form of tattoos are universally popular and a popular choice of design is the star tattoo. Symbolically the star tattoo is said to represent a change of importance in the life of the person getting it done. It can also represent a high point in your life, or a desire to achieve something big. It can represent a goal to be achieved or one that has been achieved with great effort. Women get a star tattooed on the ankle, shoulder, lower back, clavicle, wrist, hips. Men normally get the star tattooed on their side, shoulder back, upper arm and wrist.

There are so many star designs to choose from. The Celtic star design for a tattoo is timeless and universally popular. Another popular option is to get a large star design which normally consists of a group of stars of varying sizes artistically placed within the design. If you are looking for interesting star tattoo designs you can choose one of these:
Nautical Star Tattoo Designs
Nautical stars are excellent adaptations of the star. The design owes its origin to the directional map star which was once upon a time used by Ship captains to help navigate the rough seas. Normally adventure lovers, outdoor people and die hard travelers love to get a nautical star tattooed, since it represents adventure and exploration. As a stand- alone design, it conveys the message of travel and adventure, but it can also be used as a part of a larger design that conveys a more personal message.

 It is a common and popular belief that falling stars represent wishes being fulfilled. A falling star is yet another popular choice for a tattoo design. When properly executed, it is a very bright and happy symbol which looks lovely on the body. A stand alone falling star shows you to be a positive and happy person.
Zodiac and other Star Tattoo Designs
Often astrological symbols like Sagittarius, Aquarius etc. can be combined with stars and made into a tattoo. Stars are combined with flowers, fishes, ribbons or other symbols to make a unique and artistic design. Multiple stars making attractive patterns of large stars getting smaller or vice versa are also very popular.

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