Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bow Ankle Tattoos

Bow Ankle Tattoos
More and more women are getting tattoos. In the past tattoos were associated with gangsters and women of “questionable virtue”; tattoos are now seen as an artwork and a form of personal expression. That being said not everyone wants a skull or a heart with “Mom” written through it (no disrespect to anyone’s mom!)

Women in particular want more delicate pretty tattoos, and for this reason bow ankle tattoos have become increasingly popular.Bow ankles have long been associated with girls and women, worn in their hair and on their clothes as a fashion statement. I see tattoos as a personal and fashion statement, so it seems only sensible to me that they are making a more permanent statement and having them tattooed on their bodies. We can spend hours choosing the right clothes to wear, and applying make-up, if you already have a bow ankle tattoo that is one form of beautification already taken care of, after the initial inking, it takes no time to apply and it will be washed every time you are.

The position of your bow ankle tattoo is equally important; do you want it on prominent public display? Or are you going to keep it under wraps, showing it only when you choose? This will depend not only on your personality and how confident you feel displaying your tattoos, but also on your lifestyle, if you are a corporate business woman you might need to keep yours undercover at work!

One particularly effective option is to have a slender part of the body, finger, wrist or ankle circled with an inked ribbon and finished with a bow ankle tattoo. This can resemble jewellery as can bow ankle tattoos on earlobes. If you want to be able to cover up at times, consider having your bow ankle tattoo inked on your shoulder, lower back or thigh.

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