Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridal Saree Chennai

Bridal Saree Chennai
South Indian weddings are already iconic for their glitters, sparkles and regal luster. The bridal wear for south Indian weddings are no exceptions, the famed south Indian silks with heavy borders and pallu work are spreading like rage in the entire nation.

The South Indian brides today are gladly ready to experiment with their wedding trousseau and the outcome is more often than not, a rather attractive and brazen look.
There were times when the traditional silk sarees weighing up to six kilos was the order of the day, but today you are sure to see anything from tube blouses to even cocktail dresses for weddings.

Despite such incorporation’s, the heavy embroidered south Indian silk sarees have not yet lost its charm. It’s also not rare to see brides wearing black mehendi, which at one era was considered to be particularly inauspicious. Chennai girls are certainly having their own choice in their own matchmaking style when it comes to their wedding attire.This might sound a bit alarming, but before you start designing that tiny little blouse for your attractive cocktail sari, consider yourself warned; after all it’s a traditional wedding!

You might easily be able to do away with the garish silk sari and the excess of jasmine flowers without causing too much of a protest, but try cooperating with your gold jewelry and keep in mind that its a brand new ball game.

Usually the chic aunties from every corner of the world have a very carefully acquired talent, their fortune by can actually read yoased on how much gold you wear at the next family wedding, be it through your jewelry or saree embellishments.

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