Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Designer Lehenga Choli

Designer Lehenga Choli
Lehenga choli is one amongst the most desired Asian dresses. This dress is divided into three parts: lehenga (a long skirt), choli (short shirt) and a dupatta (scarf). This beautiful dress is coming with casual as well as fancy variety. Fancy lehenga choli is available with dabka, kora, kundan, mukaish, stones and sequin work.Casual lehenga choli  dressing is coming with very rich designs with the help of colorful thread.s embroidery and mirror work on it. This informal wear might have a heavy embroidery work or light embroidery on it. This work is done according to the event and to the desire of customers.

Mostly, lehenga (lower part) is having heavy work as compare to choli which is upper part of dress. While dupatta is used for covering the head for a traditional bridal look and which is also considered a symbol of modesty. The embroidery on dupatta is also done in accordance with event.There are some basic types of lehenga choli dresses which are known as: 1- Ghaghra choli which is the most common and best type and is perfect for the marriage functions.

Lehenga is a complete full-length skirt that is started from your waist to the ankles while choli is used to cover your upper part of the body. 2- Another type is known as lacha choli (Rajistan and Gujrat areas) women commonly use it as their informal dress with beautiful bright colors embroidery.Bridal.s lehenga choli dress comes with heavy .zari. and .resham. work on it. There are some other shapes of this dress as: fish lehenga with a short or long shirt, circular lehenga set, mermaid lehenga set and straight cut lehenga set. Fabric used can be cotton, wash and wear, khadi, georgette, crinkle and raw silk. You can buy one ready made or order today for making.

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