Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Latest Short Punk Hairstyles

Latest Short Punk Hairstyles
Punk fashion is prevalent right now despite the ever-changing trends. Punk fashion originated from the 1970′s and evoked different reactions in the society at large. Although some followed punk fashion blindly, others seemed disgusted being related to punk fashion or individuals who belonged to this group. There are lots of distinctive features related to punk fashion and one of the very easily recognizable feature remains towards the very wacky short punk hairstyles.

The growing craze for short punk hairstyles led to many variations from the basic style wherein hair is styled into shocking shapes and patterns and colored in brilliant shades.Short punk hairstyles are named a symbol of the wacky and also the weird! While some young teens choose short punk hairstyles only to be ‘in’ using the latest look, others think it is as a way to rebel from the society! Youngsters have willingly gone beyond the standard to flaunt short punk hairstyles causing a significant sensation.The Mohawk short punk hairstyles is around since the 1980′s.
Although Mohawk continues to be associated with punk fashion and culture, there are lots of others who have chosen the Mohawk only due to the stylish appeal. The initial Mohawk is worn differently when compared with what is seen today. At the moment, this short punk hairstyles would need you to shave both sides from the head leaving an extended strip of hair within the center portion, going completely towards the base of the neck.

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