Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special Wear Salwar Kameez for Girls

Special Wear Salwar Kameez  for Girls
The evolution of the Special Wear salwar kameez has a long and colorful history which originated with the influence of Islamic reign on India. The intermingling of cultures created the trend of wearing loose pajamas and kurtas for men as well as women, the only difference being that women also added an odhni or dupatta to their outfit.

The salwar is a type of lower garment. It is pant like and usually loose fitting. Recently the salwar kameez has taken a cue from Indo - western fashiona dn ahs come up with innovations in designs.In some cases, the trousers are tight and fitted, these are known as churidars . And, there is another kind of salwar too, known as the patiala, whicchuridars h has a billowing cut at the hips and is tight at the ankles.The churidars in a salwar kameez set is a long top or kurta worn over the salwar . It may be long, reaching up to the knees or may end at mid thigh length.The length of the kurta varies according to the choice of the wearer, even though patiala salwars are conventionally known to have short kurtas.

The Indo-western influence can be seen in kameezes also. Modern kurtas have a variety of designs such as Chinese collars, jeweled necklines, halter style necklines and even strappy styles. The sleeves of a kameez range from short to full depending on individual choice. The design of some of these kameezes are such that sometimes one does not even need to carry a dupatta at all.

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