Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top Music Video Fashion Moments

A sequel to our post on 'Video Capture' which displayed Fl@unt's pick of the best images captured in music videos, Fl@unt has now selected some of the best stylish moments of music videos. Feast your eyes...

LADY GAGA - The Chanel Shoes, Lovegame (2009)

LADY GAGA & BEYONCE - Billowing Chiffon Dresses, Telephone (2010)

Beyonce - African Tutu, Deja Vu (2006) /Jennifer Lopez - Hooded Up, Get Right (2005)

Beyonce - Butterfly Dress, Diva (2006)

Christina Aguilera - Sparkling & Red, Ain't No Other Man (2006)

Rihanna - West Indian Ruffle Skirt, Rudeboy (2010)

Alicia Keys - Dark & Dramatic, Another Way to Die (2008)

Kylie Minogue - Colour Blocks, In My Arms (2008)

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